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Summit 2024

It is a meeting place for masters who have spoken in the field of design and newcomers.

The event of 2019

Our first event took place on June 16, 2019 at the Baku Youth Center. More than 350 people participated in the event. More than 100 people participated in the "Express your emotions in font" poster design competition. 3 winners were selected in the competition, and the winners were awarded with gifts and certificates.

Terms of participation in the competition

- Terms of participation in the competition

- Each participant can submit any number of projects in any category.

- The category must be selected correctly. Otherwise, you have to apply for a change of category.

- Each project must contain at least 4 images.

- Each uploaded image must have a maximum size of 4 MB.

- The submitted project should have an explanatory text.

- Submitted projects must be your own.

- Projects submitted before the project cannot be submitted again.

- It is possible to join the competition both as an individual and as a team.

- In the projects presented as a team, the names of the members should be mentioned in the text section

Event progress

After registering on our website, you can submit your work in JPEG format (with a size of 4 MB and 1670px x 1080px) based on the theme of the design competition. To maintain transparency, the works of the participants in the competition will be presented anonymously to the jury. After voting by the judges, the works to be exhibited on the final night will be announced on social media. Winners in 14 categories will be chosen and awarded on the day of the event.


— Logo

Graphic elements, emblems, or symbols used for corporate style, branding, and recognition

— Illustration

All work from sketchbooks to painting, digital, and murals

— 3D Design

Three-dimensional digital art created through special software

— Branding

Different brand identities for marketing, business and advertising

— Interior design

Creative, Modern, Functional and human oriented interior designs

— Exterior design

Residential and non-realistic interior projects

— Web design

User-friendly, modern, functional, and aesthetic website design

— Application design

User interface design for App, Mobile devices, desktop screens, and more

— Advertising design

Attractive copywriting, interactive, media and more art direction and creative direction advertising designs

— Print design

Magazine layout, editorial releases, book, custom print samples, and more designs

— Industrial design

Concept products or manufactured designs

— Packaging designnı

Label and general packaging design of containers for Beverages, Food, and other consumer products

— Typography

Projects that make up typography design Calligraphy, Lettering and techniques

— Brand campaigns

Creative, traditional, or digital reporting-based campaigns for brands that successfully reach target audiences or increase customer relationships.

The event of 2022

"Azerbaijan Design Summit", one of the country's most spectacular design competitions, was held on July 17, 2022. On the day of the event, a total of 500 people from within and outside the country participated. More than 600 people participated in the "Typography and Peace" poster design competition. In the competition, 50 people reached the final and 3 winners were announced. The winners were awarded with gifts and certificates.


Sarkhan Surkhay - has 13 years of experience as a designer. He worked in several companies, including polygraphy, an advertising agency, and a printing house.

Since 2019, he has founded a creative advertising agency under the name Adroit Agency. Until now, he has prepared branding and various design works for more than 150 local and foreign brands and companies. In addition, he is the head of "Azerbaijan Design Summit", which is one of the most spectacular design events in the country, attended by 50 countries of the world.

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